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Weekdays at 9:00 am on WCHS-TV8

Maury Povich MAURY is a daily, one-hour, nationally syndicated talk show hosted by veteran broadcast journalist Maury Povich. The show, which Povich calls the "culmination of everything I have done in my career," is compelling, fast-paced and distinguishes itself from competitors by taking a very personal approach to dealing with and resolving the emotional conflicts and problems facing his guests.

Povich turns up the heat by posing the type of intelligent and hard questions that other hosts avoid. And he helps provide answers - often culled from his own personal experiences - that guests and viewers can relate to and use.

Povich will continue to plunge into controversial and compelling issues, particularly those impacting teens and their parents. A veteran journalist, Povich is well-known for his ability to get to the heart of the matter. But it is his experience as a husband, father and grandfather that allows Povich to display his compassionate side, resulting in a natural bond with his guests and his viewers.

"Of course we want to entertain," Povich says. "But I believe the shows that have the most impact result in a mother talking to her daughter for the first time, or a child who is able to smile because we've built their confidence just a bit. Those are the television moments that are the most memorable."

Respected industry veteran Amy Rosenblum, the executive producer of Maury, will continue to be an energetic force building on the momentum she generated during the show's first season under the Studios USA banner.

Commenting on this past year, Rosenblum says: "I have worked with many people throughout my career in talk, but Maury, without a doubt, tops them all. He's smart, sexy, funny and delivers every time he is on the set."

Produced and distributed by Studios USA Domestic Television, Maury has been cleared for the 1999-2000 season on 190 stations covering more than 98% of the U.S. The program is taped at the state-of-the-art Studios USA facility in the heart of mid-town Manhattan at the Hotel Pennsylvania.

Studios USA consists of first-run production and distribution, television movie and miniseries development and production, and network development and production.

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