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Maria Menounos
Correspondent for Entertainment Tonight

Maria Menounos In 2001, Maria Menounos was named correspondent on Entertainment Tonight. Her duties include reporting on film, television, music and fashion. She also serves as host of ET on MTV, one of the highest rated shows on the cable network, as well as ET on VH1.

Previously, Menounos was an international correspondent for Channel One News, the #1 source of news for America's teen students. As a journalist for their 10-minute weekday broadcasts, she reported on a variety of timely and topical issues to more than eight million students. During her tenure, she interviewed President George W. Bush, numerous celebrities, and traveled the world to cover such tragedies as the 2001 earthquake in El Salvador and the AIDS epidemic in South Africa.

Menounos began her career with Channel One during her senior year at Emerson College in Boston. During this time she also wrote, produced and broadcast news segments for WERS-FM, one of the largest college radio stations in the country. In addition, she co-hosted and produced a weekly radio talk show on Boston's WNRB-AM.

Her experiences as a journalist have compelled Menounos to spend time off-camera on philanthropic and social issues close to her heart. After witnessing the devastating effects of AIDS in South Africa as a Channel One reporter, she formed Take Action Hollywood!, a charity whose mission is to utilize the power of the entertainment industry and the production medium to educate, empower and raise social awareness.

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