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Entertainment Tonight's
Most Frequently Asked Questions

How does ET choose birthdays?
The production team selects birthdays from a list compiled by the research department for the given day, then creates a trivia question for one of the day's celebrants. Entertainment Tonight receives phone and fax requests daily from actors, actresses, musicians, athletes and other celebrities who would like to be included in the show's confetti-strewn announcement -- one of the features that has consistently stayed with the series throughout 16 years.

What is Mary Hart like?
As co-host of Entertainment Tonight for 15 years, Mary is widely considered one of the friendliest and most professional people at the show; she chats with staffers over morning coffee, and never reveals a bad mood or utters an unkind word. She remains close to her South Dakota roots and her family is her top priority.

Is Tom Cruise a correspondent for the show?
Long considered a Tom Cruise look-alike, correspondent Mark Steines joined Entertainment Tonight in 1995 and, though he is often mistaken for the blockbuster star, he has not been asked to stand-in on Tom's behalf -- and vice versa.

Why does Leonard Maltin wear those lapel pins?
A collector of both vintage and contemporary pins to fasten to his blazers, Maltin has an assemblage of more than 250 pins depicting cartoon characters, charity logos, event mascots and movie names. He says some of his best finds come from airport gift shops.

Are Mary's legs insured?
Yes, her legs were insured in 1985 by Lloyd's of London, and are lit by a special fiber-optic light on the set.

Where is the original Entertainment Tonight set?
The set Entertainment Tonight began using in 1986 was donated to Planet Hollywood's flagship restaurant in New York City in 1995 amidst great fanfare and a ceremony recorded in the annals of the Museum of Television and Radio.

Where do the hosts' clothes come from?
The hosts and correspondents wear wardrobes that are continually updated based on the latest designer fashions. Christian Dior, Perry Ellis and Fred Heyman represent just a sampling of designers whose clothes have graced the talent, with a range of trendy fare from other labels such as Guess, Ann Taylor, Benetton and B.C.B.G. The actual clothes only comprise a portion of the "ET Look," with a team of stylists also tending to such accouterments as hosiery and shoes, pocket squares and scarves, jewelry, ties and belts.

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