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The Charleston Distance Run

1973-Jeff Galloway, Raleigh, NC, 1:16:29
1974-Philip Ndoo, Kenya, 1:18:03
1975-John Vitale, East Haven, CT, 1:17:00
1976-Frank Shorter, Boulder, CO, 1:14:37
1977-Bill Haviland, Athens, OH, 1:16:42
1978-Bill Haviland, Athens, OH, 1:14:26
1979-Robert Perkins, Greensboro, NC, 1:17:37
1980-Bill Haviland, Athens, OH, 1:15:12
1981-Terry Baker, Hagerstown, MD, 1:15:43
1982-Terry Baker, Hagerstown, MD, 1:14:15
1983-Mark Stickley, Blacksburg, VA, 1:16:02
1984-Mark Stickley, Blacksburg, VA, 1:14:33
1985-Steve Taylor, St. Marys, WV, 1:16:25
1986-Don Norman, Republic, PA, 1:13:54
1987-Steve Taylor, St. Marys, WV, 1:14:31
1988-Don Norman, Pittsburgh, PA 1:15:27
1989-Steve Taylor, St. Marys, WV, 1:15:27
1990-Mark Curp, Lee's Summitt, MO, 1:13:47
1991-Mark Curp, Lee's Summitt, MO, 1:16:50
1992-Mark Curp, Lee's Summitt, MO, 1:15:40
1993-Ed Eyestone, Layton, UT, 1:14:52
1994-Gideon Mutisya, New Milford, CT, 1:13:38
1995-Gideon Mutisya, New Milford, CT, 1:12:55
1996-Gideon Mutyisya, New Milford, CT, 1:12:24
1997-Gideon Mutyisya, Incline Village, NY, 1:16:34
1998-Andrew Musuva, Farmington, NM, 1:14:01
1999-Simon Sawe, Albuquerque, NM, 1:14:53
2000-Gideon Mutisya, Hartford, CT, 1:15:30
2001-Wilson Onsari, West Chester, PA, 1:14:47
2002-Zabloh Mokaya, Kennesaw GA, 1:15:07
2003-Hillary Lelei, Cary, NC, 1:16:06
2004-Douglas Momanyi, West Chester, PA, 1:17:08
2005-Francis Bowen, West Chester, PA, 1:51:31
2006-Jacob Yator, Chapel Hill, NC, 1:15:21
2007-Tesfay Girma, West Chester, PA, 1:16:26
2008-Gideon Mutisya, Hartford, CT, 1:22:48
2009-Kipyegon Kirui, Chapel Hill, NC, 1:14:55
2010-Jason Pyles, South Charleston, WV 1:25:44
2011 Joe Moore, Raleigh, NC, 1:20:12
2012-Jeff Weiss, Ravenswood, WV, 1:21:14
2013 -Kiprono Kurgat, Chapel Hill, NC - 1:16:29.1
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1973-Jaqueline Hansen, (63rd overall), Granada Hills, CA, 1:39:28
1974-Katy Schilly, (347th overall), Syracuse, NY, 1:38:23
1975-Kim Merritt, (121st overall), Racine, WI, 1:32:00
1976-Kim Merritt , (overall NA), Racine, WI, 1:28:50
1977-Kim Merritt, (108st overall), Racine, WI, 1:30:12
1978-Kitty Consolo, (159th overall), Winston-Salem, NC, 1:34:30
1979-Karen Doppes, (85th overall), Cincinnati, OH, 1:34:10
1980-Karen Cosgrove, (88th overall), Cincinnati, OH, 1:31:48
1981-June Keller, (192nd overall), Columbus, OH, 1:37:41
1982-Julie Isphording, (66th overall), Cincinnati, OH, 1:26:17
1983-Beth Dillenger, (101st overall), Blacksburg, VA, 1:35:09
1984-Karen Cosgrove, (65th overall), Cincinnati, OH, 1:30:30
1985-Greta Waitz, (28th overall), Oslo, Norway, 1:24:57
1986-Julie Isphording, (71st overall), Cincinnati, OH, 1:29:19
1987-Priscilla Welch, (24th overall), Boulder, CO, 1:24:52
1988-Mary Heidelk, (72nd overall), Hurricane, WV, 1:31:19
1989-Priscilla Welch, (22nd overall), Bedford, England, 1:27:43
1990-Julie Isphording, (38th overall), Cincinnati, OH, 1:31:08
1991-Julie Isphording, (38th overall), Cincinnati, OH, 1:33:18
1992-Debbi Morris, (21st overall), Strongsville, OH, 1:28:34
1993-Debbi Morris, (19th overall), Strongsville, OH, 1:27:23
1994-Karoline Szabo, (18th overall), Hungary, 1:24:53
1995-Jennifer Martin, Erie, PA, 1:27:12
1996-Alice Thurau, (14th overall), Fisher, PA, 1:29:42
1997-Kelly Keeler, (13th overall), Fairfield, OH 1:28.35
1998-Danita Bartoszek, (19th overall), Mississauga, Ontario, 1:30:05
1999-Nadya Gvselschikova, (12th overall), Rockville, MD, 1:27:16
2000-Svetlana Zakharova, (8th overall), Rockville, MD, 1:27:17
2001-Titiana Titova, (15th overall), Gainesville, FL, 1:31.04
2002-Heather Bury, (18th overall), Morgantown, WV, 1:30:24
2003-Silvia Skvortsova, (13th overall), Russia, 1:31:52
2004-Maria Buseinei, West Chester, PA, 1:33:59
2005-Ramilia Burangulova, (13th overall), Gainesville, FL, 1:30:52
2006-Anne Jelagat, (17th overall), Chapel Hill, NC, 1:27:45
2007-Maria Busienei, (7th overall), Charleston, WV, 1:27:28
2008-Maria Busienei, (8th overall), Charleston, WV, 1:33:34
2009-Buzunesh Deba, (12th overall), Bronx, NY, 1:28:47
2010-Maria Busienei, (4th overall), Charleston, WV, 1:36:03
2011-Emily Chaney, (15th overall), Huntington, WV, 1:35:55
2012-Esther Erb, (8th overall), Blowing Rock, NC, 1:36:07
2013-Susan Jerotich, Chapel Hill, NC - 1:31:05.6

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