Town Hall Schedule

  • Tuesday, January 13 2015

    Topic: Domestic Violence

    Station: WCIV

    Market: Charleston, SC

    Studio/Location: Sottile Theatre

  • Monday, January 19 2015

    Topic: Moving Beyond...

    Station: WJLA

    Market: Washington, DC

    Studio/Location: Howard University

  • Thursday, January 22 2015

    Topic: Race Relations in America

    Station: WKEF

    Market: Dayton, OH

    Studio/Location: Studio

  • Wednesday, January 28 2015

    Topic: Taking Back Our Streets

    Station: WCHS

    Market: Charleston, WV

    Studio/Location: Mary C. Snow Elementary School

  • Thursday, January 29 2015

    Topic: Common Core

    Station: Baltimore, MD

    Market: WBFF

    Studio/Location: Studio

  • Thursday, February 5 2015

    Topic: Immigration

    Station: WPEC

    Market: WPB, FL

    Studio/Location: Studio

  • Thursday, February 12 2015

    Topic: Topic TBA

    Station: WEAR

    Market: Pensacola, FL

    Studio/Location: Pensacola State

  • Thursday, February 19 2015

    Topic: Food Stamp Card Abuse

    Station: KABB

    Market: San Antonio, TX

    Studio/Location: Sunset Station

  • Monday, February 23 2015

    Topic: Gang (Youth) Violence

    Station: WTVC

    Market: Chattanooga, TN

    Studio/Location: Studio

  • Thursday, February 26 2015

    Topic: TBA

    Station: WKRC

    Market: Cincinnati, OH

    Studio/Location: TBA

  • Tuesday, March 3 2015

    Topic: US-Israel: Dangerous Divide

    Station: WJLA

    Market: Washington, D.C.

    Studio/Location: Newschannel 8

  • Thursday, March 5 2015

    Topic: Distracted Driving

    Station: KEYE

    Market: Austin

    Studio/Location: TBA

  • Monday, March 9 2015

    Topic: Topic TBA

    Station: KBAK

    Market: Bakersfield, CA

    Studio/Location: CSUB

  • Thursday, March 12 2015

    Topic: Topic TBA

    Station: KOMO

    Market: Seattle, WA

    Studio/Location: TBA

  • Tuesday, March 24 2015

    Topic: New Terror Threat: The Countdown

    Station: WJLA

    Market: Washington, D.C.

    Studio/Location: Newschannel 8

  • Wednesday, April 8 2015

    Topic: Vaccinations

    Station: WGME

    Market: Portland, ME

    Studio/Location: WGME

  • Thursday, May 7 2015

    Topic: Alabama State Lottery

    Station: WPMI

    Market: Mobile

    Studio/Location: Alabama School of Mathematics and Science

  • Thursday, May 14 2015

    Topic: Baltimore Moving Forward

    Station: WBFF

    Market: Baltimore, MD

    Studio/Location: Douglass Memorial Church

  • Thursday, May 28 2015

    Topic: Legalization of Marijuana in Michigan

    Station: WPBN

    Market: Traverse City, MI

    Studio/Location: WPBN

  • Wednesday, June 3 2015

    Topic: Nashville Mayoral Candidates

    Station: WZTV

    Market: Nashville, TN

    Studio/Location: Trevecca Nazarene University

  • Tuesday, June 9 2015

    Topic: Police & Community Relations

    Station: WLOS

    Market: Asheville, NC

    Studio/Location: Virginia Boone Building at the WNC AG Center

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Government Accountability

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    Your Voice, Your Future Stories

    •  Highway Funding Moving at the Speed of Congress
    •  Mosque Surveillance
    •  The Emotion of U.S Immigration Policy
    •  The Trump Factor
    •  Lone Wolf Attacks
    •  Sanctuary Cities
    •  Where Does A Nuclear Pact With Iran Leave Israel?
    •  Losing Track Of Terrorists
    •  Obstacles to Overcome
    •  Could the U.S. Follow the Footsteps of Greece?
    •  Raw sound: Sen. Ron Johnson on Immigration Reform
    •  Is The U.S. On Track To Defeat ISIS?
    •  Can the Feds Stop Cyberattacks?
    •  Ironing Out A Nuclear Deal
    •  Is The Democratic Nomination Still up for Grabs?
    •  America's Heroin Epidemic
    •  High Alert: Lockdown At Washington's Navy Yard
    •  Felons Get Contracts With The IRS
    •  Chris Christie is Running
    •  Are States With More Restrictive Gun Laws Safer?
    •  Terror on the Fourth of July?
    •  What Drives Hate in America?
    •  The Face Of Immigration Following 9/11
    •  Boycotting Israel
    •  Why Are The Feds Paying Dead People?
    •  Mohammad on a Billboard
    •  Growing U.S. Presence In Iraq
    •  China's Bold Cyber Heist
    •  Terrorists Thirst For Oil
    •  What Impact Will Social Media Have On The 2016 Election?
    •  Bridging The Digital Divide
    •  Is The FBI Violating American Privacy Laws By Flying Specially Outfitted Planes Over U.S. Cities?
    •  Rick Perry Is Running In 2016
    •  Accounting For Anthrax
    •  Swedish Influence
    •  Too Many Rules For America?
    •  How Concerned Is Amtrak About Safety?
    •  Setting Terrorists Free
    •  Shipping Live Anthrax
    •  Why Can't Congress Make Crucial Decisions?
    •  The White House Launches New Water Rules
    •  Who Created ISIS?
    •  What Should America Do About Human Rights Violations Committed By ISIS?
    •  Why Does It Take The Feds Decades To Give Some Veterans Burials?
    •  Rand Paul's Talkarama
    •  Federal Goverment Loses Big On Broadband
    •  Hillary Clinton's Emails: The Controversy Continues
    •  Hacking Airplanes?
    •  Are Viewers Losing Trust In National News Media Outlets?
    •  What More Does Hillary Clinton Know?
    •  What Is U.S. Intelligence Up Against With ISIS Recruiting in America?
    •  Presidential Candidate Ben Carson Off The Cuff
    •  Financial Health Of Amtrak
    •  Who Gets Federal Protection?
    •  How Are States Responding to Threats Made By ISIS?
    •  Are Tax dollars Paying for Abortions?
    •  Paying the Dead with Your Tax Dollars.
    •  The Evolution Of Terrorism
    •  Can Law Enforcement Still Keep Us Safe?
    •  ISIS in America
    •  Poverty In America -- What's Working?
    •  Frederick Wilson's Take On The Current Climate In America
    •  The National State of Recruiting Police Officers
    •  ISIS Takes Credit For Attack
    •  Terror in Texas
    •  The Race For The Republican Nomination in 2016 is Filling Up
    •  What Would Ben Carson Do as President?
    •  Clinton Cash
    •  Ben Carson For President is Official
    •  Bernie is Running
    •  Grilling Over Restricted Airspace
    •  Comply and Complain
    •  A Taxpayer's Bill
    •  What Drives a Terrorist?
    •  Child Terrorists
    •  Mega-Donors
    •  Members of Congress Air Concerns About America's Strategy To Defeat ISIS
    •  State Sponsors of Terror
    •  How Does The U.S. Track Homegrown Terrorists?
    •  Gaining Access to One of the Most Restricted Air Spaces on the Planet
    •  Small Copter Lands on Lawn of the U.S. Capitol
    •  The Thorny Side of Working Out a Nuclear Deal With Iran
    •  ISIS Threatens U.S.
    •  Tea Party Impact in 2016
    •  ISIS Teams Up With Boko Haram
    •  Why is Peace in the Middle East Elusive?
    •  What is the IRS Doing to Crack Down on Fraud?
    •  Can Rand Paul Appeal To Mainstream America?
    •  Why Are Christians Being Persecuted?
    •  How Does The Airline Industry Restore Confidence?
    •  Tentative Nuclear Deal Struck: What Next?
    •  Still Talking
    •  How Has The U.S. Relationship With Iran Changed?
    •  Raw Sound: Alan Dershowitz
    •  'Unintended Consequences' of a Nuclear Deal With Iran
    •  War On Coal
    •  Connecting The Dots to Terrorism
    •  Will America Get Better Roads?
    •  What Signs Did The Administration Miss In Yemen?
    •  Drones In Battle
    •  Why Do Federal Employees Rarely Get Fired?
    •  Why Do Freedom Of Information Requests Take So Long To Fulfill?
    •  The Power of a Word
    •  The Impact of Terrorism on Tourism
    •  Did The Envelope Contain Cyanide?
    •  Will the US ever reduce the number of people dependent on Food Stamps?
    •  Will Congress Subpoena Hillary Clinton's Private Email Server?
    •  No Regrets
    •  Is Sentiment Shifting Away From Hillary Clinton?
    •  Technology and Transparency
    •  Hillary Clinton says she set up a personal email account for "convenience"
    •  How Will Hillary Clinton's Email Account Impact Her Ambition?
    •  The Flap Over Hillary Clinton's Email Account
    •  What Happened To Transparency?
    •  Tracking ISIS Recruits
    •  What's Next For Iran?
    •  The Flap Over Netanyahu's Visit
    •  What To Do About Russia?
    •  Scoring at CPAC
    •  Raw Sound: Kentucky Sen. John Yarmouth and New York Rep. Charlie Rangel On Why They Will Skip Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's address to Congress
    •  Raw Sound: Alan Dershowitz Interview 3
    •  Raw Sound: Alan Dershowitz Interview 2
    •  Raw Sound: Alan Dershowitz is appalled over a planned boycott of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech next week to Congress
    •  Confronting the Growth of Global Terrorism
    •  Is Mosul the Key to Destroying ISIS?
    •  What's The Root Cause of Terrorism?
    •  Constitutional Carry
    •  Are We Headed For a Global War?
    •  Politics of Measles
    •  Backdoor Jihadists
    •  Closing U.S. Embassies
    •  Failed Foreign Nightmare
    •  A Clarion Call For European Jews?
    •  ISIS's War Against Religion
    •  Shared American-Israeli Values
    •  National Travel Warnings
    •  What's Next in Getting to the Bottom of Benghazi?
    •  Defeat Jihad
    •  Does ISIS Pose a True Global Threat?
    •  America's National Security Strategy
    •  Freedom Of Religion
    •  ISIS's Atrocities Against Kids
    •  Freedom of the Press Without Retaliation?
    •  Sharia Law Now Being Practiced in the U.S.
    •  Why Are There Tensions Between Obama and Netanyahu
    •  How Many Terror Cells Operating in the U.S.?
    •  Chaos In The Middle East
    •  A Backdoor Policy With Libya?
    •  A Nation Of Part-Time Workers?
    •  Taxing 529 Plans
    •  Beheading In The Middle East
    •  Missing Signs Of Terrorism
    •  President Obama's Vision
    •  Closing Gitmo
    •  Raising Taxes On The Wealthy
    •  Women Under Islamic Law
    •  Sharia In America
    •  What Is The US Doing To Combat Global Terrorism?
    •  Attacking The Homeland
    •  Sleeper Cells
    •  The Decision To Publish Charlie Hebdo Cartoons
    •  Where Was The U.S. Presence In France?
    •  How Do Terrorists Pick Their Targets?
    •  How Can We Protect Ourselves From Radical Terrorists?
    •  Assault On Journalism
    •  Will The U.S. See A Similar Attack?
    •  State Of The Union Promises
    •  Budget Battles Begin
    •  How Critical Is Israel To The Peace Process In The Middle East?
    •  What Direction Will Policing Take In The 21st Century?
    •  President Obma's Point Man On Policing In The 21st Century
    •  Community Policing: What Works?
    •  Is Free Speech A Thing of the Past in Movie-Making?
    •  Job Growth: An Indication of What's to Come
    •  Police Shooting; Role of Protests
    •  Freedom of Speech-Except About Islam?
    •  ISIS Continues Reign Of Terror
    •  Sony's Hacking Scandal
    •  Raw Sound: James Mitchell Talks About Torture
    •  What's Next For Immigration?
    •  The Global Threat ISIS Presents
    •  Budget Winners And Losers
    •  Budget Battle Lines Drawn
    •  Now Federal Investigations
    •  Comply And Complan
    •  Profiting Off Political Intelligence
    •  What $18 Trillion Looks Like To Taxpayers
    •  Collecting Back Taxes From Illegal Immigrants
    •  Why Is It More Difficult Now To Serve In Congress?
    •  Hacking Into America's Power Grid
    •  What's Next For Millions Of Immigrants?
    •  Immigration By The Numbers
    •  Showdown On Capitol Hill
    •  Should The U.S. Shift Policy Toward The Middle East?
    •  Special Prayer Service For Muslims At The National Cathedral
    •  Gruber Opens Up The Pandora Box Of Obamacare
    •  When Will Wages Rise?
    •  What's Turkey Doing To Defeat ISIS?
    •  The Rise Of Extremism
    •  Taking On Ebola And ISIS
    •  The Real Rate of Inflation
    •  The U.S. Military Enlists Undocumented Immigrants
    •  Stereotyping Muslims In America
    •  Congressional Lawmakers Miss Lots Of Meetings
    •  Seasonal Employment
    •  White House Security
    •  President Obama's Admission
    •  ISIS Propaganda
    •  What Happens After The War?
    •  Targeting ISIS
    •  Bombing Inside Syria
    •  Re-writing History?
    •  Presidential Campaigns
    •  Will More People Hate America?
    •  Can The U.S. Wipe Out ISIS?
    •  Benghazi Documents Dumped?
    •  How Did The Administration Miss Intelligence On ISIS?
    •  Killing In The Name Of Religion
    •  The Global Reach Of The Islamic State
    •  What Will Congress Do About The Islamic State?
    •  What The IRS Is Not Telling Congress
    •  Top Targets For Islamic State Militants
    •  Striking Back At The Islamic State
    •  Taking On The Islamic State: What Are The Options?
    •  Following The Money In Iraq
    •  The Silent Treatment On Immigration In The U.S.
    •  Media Coverage Of Police Shootings: Is There A Double Standard?
    •  How Big Of A Threat Does ISIS Pose To The United States?
    •  The Workings Of A Grand Jury
    •  Is Green Money Tainting Congress?
    •  Are We Living In Two Americas?
    •  Profiling Police Officers
    •  Ferguson: Should President Obama Do More?
    •  Policing With Cameras
    •  Voter Irony
    •  How About A Bowl Of Pork To Go With A Plate Of Defense
    •  Melting Down In The Middleast
    •  The Spread Of Islamist Extremism?
    •  What Should The U.S. Do About Iraq?
    •  The War In Gaza Is Different This Time Around
    •  Who Is Responsible For Misuse Of Weapons?
    •  The Tactics Of Terrorists
    •  Western Extremists
    •  Can The Gaza Be Demilitarized?
    •  Tunnel Attack
    •  Congressional Accomplishments
    •  From Lois Lerner's Mind
    •  U.S. Relations With Russia More Dire Than A Cold War
    •  Red Alert: The App Heard Around The World
    •  Will The Downing Of The Malaysia Plane Alter How You Fly In The Future?
    •  How Good Is The EB5 Visa Program For America?
    •  What's In A Government Number?
    •  President Or King
    •  Is U.S. Policy Working In Israel-Hamas Conflict?
    •  Does The U.S. Indirectly Support Terrorism?
    •  Immigration Battle Heads To The Street
    •  Supreme Court Opens The Door
    •  How will Billions of tax dollars be spent this time on hurricane relief?
    •  Freedom Of Press
    •  Divided Government
    •  The Supreme Court Opens The Door
    •  Carving Out A New Country
    •  Freed For Terror
    •  Lunch On The Taxpayers
    •  Funding Elections
    •  Where's The Accountability At The IRS?
    •  Missing IRS Email
    •  A Fishy Federal Program
    •   What Iraq Cost Us Last Time
    •  Tax on MIles You Drive?
    •  Tax on MIles You Drive?
    •  Confusion Has Settled Over GOP
    •  Shift Of Power
    •  Presidential Management
    •  Taxpayer Subsidized Plane Rides