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Newsroom - Syria - W.Va. Delegation Leaning Toward
W.Va. Delegation Leaning Toward "No" Votes

President Barack Obama continues lobbying members of congress for their support of his plan to hit Syria with a military strike. However, West Virginia's junior senator has already made up his mind. Senator Joe Manchin says he is voting no.

"I believe diplomacy needs to be used more," Manchin said. "I believe that if chemical weapons have gotten us to this point then the president or this administration's intent to have a strike does not secure those weapons. If anything it makes it much more vulnerable that we could hit a depot that would create more collateral damage and kill more civilians, which would really unite the Muslim world against us even more than they are now."

West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller's office says he is still gathering information and is undecided. A senate vote is expected on Wednesday.

In the house, West Virginia republicans Shelley Moore Capito and David McKinley have indicated they will not support the president's plan. Democrat Nick Rahall says he will vote yes to authorize a limited military strike against Syria.

W.Va. Delegation Leaning Toward "No" Votes
Tuesday, September 10 2013, 12:56 PM EDT

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Should the president forgo military strikes on Syria, if Congress opposes an attack?

Not Sure

Poll Results

73.33% Yes
20% No
6.66% Not Sure

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