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Newsroom - Syria - WV Syrians Concerned On Postponing Action
WV Syrians Concerned On Postponing Action

Charleston , Kanawha County , West Virginia

Syrian nationals took a special interest in President Obama's address to the nation Tuesday night.

We watched the speech with Dana Shammaa. She's lived in the US all her life, but is of Syrian descent, and considers the country her second home, with many family and friends still living there.
Shammaa is disappointed the president's postponement on asking Congress for the "okay" to use military force in Syria, and she fears it leaves the window wide open to more killings.

Dr. Hatem Hossino is a surgeon at CAMC General in Charleston. He's lived in the US for nearly 40 years, but for almost three years has watched misery unfold in his home country of Syria. Dr. Hossino even got an up-close view of the bloodshed on a medical mission to the Middle East last summer.

"I went there and saw the real life, how people were injured, how desperate they are and they really need the help as soon as possible," Dr. Hossino said.

Tuesday, there was a glimmer of hope with news that Syria's President, Bashar al Assad would work with Russia to get rid of its chemical weapons supply. But for Syrians here in America, that news was hard to believe.

"We just don't trust that regime. We don't trust them at all, and how he's treated his own people. We don't see him handing over all his chemical weapons. Even if he hands over some, who's to say he won't make more," Dana Shammaa said.

That's why Shammaa was hoping President Obama and Congress would authorize military action in Syria, hoping it would slow the bloodshed, and push Assad out of office. Now after hearing the president's speech, she's heartbroken a Congressional vote on striking is being postponed, and fearful about the future of her second home with barely a shred of hope that diplomacy will work.

"The delay, the delay, the delay, you know, it's not going to...all it's doing is letting him kill more and more innocent people. A hundred thousand people have already died in other ways, other than the chemical weapons. So I don't see this as a way of resolving the issue," said Shammaa.

Shammaa says she is now left to keep praying for Syria, and the rebel soldiers, hoping they will ultimately be able to finish the job with or without US help, in order to get Assad out of power, in the same way uprisings recently tossed leaders in Egypt and Libya. But with the strong regime that's been ruling Syria for 40 years, that is a daunting task.

WV Syrians Concerned On Postponing Action
Wednesday, September 11 2013, 04:46 PM EDT

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Should the president forgo military strikes on Syria, if Congress opposes an attack?

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